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This feedback from my clients was shared via Google, Facebook or sent to me directly.

"Laura at Organised Well has helped me in more ways that I could have imagined when I made my first inquiry into her services. She has helped me to organise and declutter my kitchen with fantastic ideas on how to display my young boys achievements and artwork.
She listened to my needs and tailored her approach to what best suited me and how we reach my goals of an organised space in a way that I was comfortable with. I would recommend Laura to any mum of young children that just needs a little help to become more organised and a gentle encouragement to keep going even after their time with Laura is over." - Sarah Disney
"Laura helped me to think straight as we tackled my kitchen together. Her clear mind stopped me getting caught up in the indecisions about what to do with the dreaded 'stuff' and her fresh approach helped to inform new ways of organising things. She was completely and utterly non-judgemental and asked sensible questions where needed without any sense of prying. I highly recommend her services and look forward to Laura returning to help me with the next challenge, my bedroom". - Harriet Hanmer
"Had my second session with Laura yesterday, she is prompt, professional, and her guidance was amazing. We worked together clearing kitchen countertops, making mental and physical space for us in our little flat.
thanks." - Kat H
Laura was amazing, efficient and professional! Highly recommended and  [I] will use the service again. I don't need to use the kitchen table as my office now. My home office is organised and functional. Very happy customer- Mrs. P, West Midlands
"Laura helped my daughter transition in to a smaller room in February and did such a great job that I had her back to help with my kitchen. Miracles have been worked! The organising genius that Laura is and it makes sense of it all without any guilt; it’s like watching someone play Tetris and the Krypton Factor with your stuff. Mind boggling and outstanding! THANK YOU!!" - Family Kononowicz
I asked Laura to help me organise a very large cupboard in our utility room. It was chaotic, over full and just wasn’t working. It was a daunting task as it housed cleaning stuff, provisions, DIY, vases, pet stuff, coats, shoes - you name it - it got stuffed in here!
Laura was calm, professional - she listened to what we needed, then set to work. ... Laura prompted, suggested but somehow wasn’t pushy! My husband was soon agreeing that some DIY things belonged in the shed but some needed to be to hand… Once we knew what needed to go back into the cupboard, Laura worked out how it should go back and then did her magic! At the end of the session, the cupboard was transformed. I love it so much, I have even taken visitors to check it out!! A week later, the space is still working perfectly! There’s a place for everything so it is easy to put things away. I would thoroughly recommend OrganisedWell - so much so, I have already booked another session - it’s my wardrobes next and I can’t wait!! - Julia Stentoft

We started with my conservatory. I work from home, so it's the first thing my clients see and lately not a great first impression! Laura is good at reading people; I am an eco warrior and so don't like to waste stuff. Laura was helpful in finding me new homes for the useable things. I've already been to the recycling centre and the charity shop. I get great pleasure every time I go into my conservatory now. She has created a desire to do the rest of the house now! Peace of mind here we come. Thanks so much Laura - Samantha Culshaw-Robinson

Laura was great at motivating and adapting to the right pace to clear my dining room which had started to become disorganised during the renovation of other rooms in the house. All of my paperwork is now filed and books & miscellaneous items have a home, so it’s now easy to keep tidy. I also received product suggestions for the kitchen cupboards and pantry to help utilise the shelf spaces vertically. - Maralyn Davis

"I highly recommend Laura, for her acceptance and understanding of my particular needs, and her ability to work at my pace.
Several boxes of old paperwork were sorted and disposed of, plus a car full of excess furniture went to charity". - Sylvia Hardy

‘I would recommend this seller in a heartbeat she's very hard working and very approachable nothing was too much trouble. I spent 2 full days Decluttering my garage & summerhouse she made it easy without any stress and I thank her for all her hard work'. Yours sincerely Pamela Jackson.

[Working with Laura was] 'like I was with a friend' 'Laura understood exactly what I needed. In just a few hours, she helped me restore a hideous mess of a room back to a calm, welcoming space. The charity shop seemed pleased too!' - Linda E

'Amazing results in such a short amount of time, Laura is so patient and takes the time to find out what you want, the sense of achievement is fantastic and makes you want to tackle those other areas of the house that you’ve been ignoring. Highly recommend'.
– J Snow, Midlands

‘I have been working with Laura since August this year. In the four months we have been working together, I have achieved so much. This is because of the motivation and focus Laura has given me. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services. Thank you’ - Pete Middleton, Nottingham (Accountability Partnering)

‘You took control and it helped me get in order with things. It helped declutter my mind too.’ – ME, Nottingham

I had a positive and productive day with Laura yesterday, as she helped me with organising and decluttering my wardrobe. She calmly and professionally guided me through the process. We achieved a much improved physical space, and it has given me a confidence boost too. - Kat

'Organised Well is a great company. I was in a tough situation, and needed my valuable items to be organised and packed as I had left the country due to Covid-19. I contacted many organisations and Laura's definitely
stood out and was the only one who I felt I could trust. She took care and organised my stuff as if it were her own and was very easy to talk to. She always responded quickly. I was amazed at how fast and well she did in such little time. Thanks so much Laura 🙏 Greatful to have found your service 
' - Faiza Zaki

‘It was an absolute pleasure working with Laura. She did a great job and was an immense help in helping me make my home a nicer living space. I was able to get rid of 3 years worth of clutter in a day thanks to her.

Her positive attitude kept me going and was really appreciated. Thanks again Laura!’ (My client preferred not to give their name)

"Laura is absolutely amazing. I had been feeling very overwhelmed with trying to reorganise my house and workshop space.

I rang Laura, she came over to help, and together we rearranged things in different rooms to create an environment that would encourage a more efficient way of working. I've had two practical sessions with Laura now, and the amount she has helped me to achieve in 9 hours, would have taken me weeks to do on my own.

Laura is a very focused, practical and calm person, just a joy to work with.

I've got another session booked into September, with some goals to achieve before it and I am so excited to finally have a space to work in when I feel calm and organised.

Thank you so much Laura. You are just magical!" - Rosie Deegan

"I loved working with Laura! She did an amazing job organizing our kitchen. We were having trouble with being able to find things in our cupboards as we are always in a rush. After working with Laura everything is much easier to find. And it just looks so much neater!!" - Emma Edwards

'Laura is wonderful! Her organising skills are contagious and she’s a pleasure to work with. She spent 2 days with me transforming 2 rooms from a dumping area to to home office, and getting my kitchen in order. I’m so pleased with the results, and the 2 spaces feel so good now! Laura is great company, so positive, has loads of brilliant ideas I can highly recommend her services. Thank you so much Laura, I’m so happy with the results' - Alexandra Jane

"After living in a world of unorganised chaos for a while, I decided to reach out for help. Laura got back to me and helped me book a prep call and hands on support. We have started in my bedroom and I'm so grateful for her help and non judgmental attitude. Laura is brilliant to work with and I will look forward to working with her again in the future 🙏 I highly recommend Laura's service. Thank you again." - Rebecca Kempson

Laura has worked wonders with me and my house. She is a consummate professional; considerate, gentle and never judgmental. She took me through decluttering and organising our utility room, storage cupboard, space under the stairs, my children‘s rooms and the master bedroom. I could never have done it myself and yet once it was done everything felt simple and ordered and is honestly life changing. It will make a significant difference to me and my life with three young children and will definitely help to promote harmony in my marriage! Thank you so much Laura. Cannot recommend highly enough. - Alice Harper

"Laura came to my rescue again and help me declutter my front room that still had boxes in it from when I moved in 2 years ago. As I'm wheelchair dependent I was limited on how fast and how efficiently I could clear my clutter. I finally had to come to the realisation that I needed Laura to help me realise my dream of a front room I can enjoy and invite people into. Laura cleared my front room and sorted everything outside, put up my angel and family pictures, rearranged my furniture and attached my cordless vacuum cleaner to a wall I can access it anytime with ease. Such a transformation in a short space of time. Thank you for all your help Laura and I won't hesitate to recommend you to my family and friends."- Jennifer

"Laura helped me declutter the attic and our spare bedroom which had been a dumping ground for all our unused items when we moved in. I had tried to organise the rooms myself but did not know where to start. Laura was absolutely wonderful. She acheived what I thought was unacheivable and helped me organise things I wanted to keep and gave suggestions on what to do with things I did not want to keep. I would definitely recommend her services. "- Daisy Duke

Laura has been absolutely amazing! I don't think there are enough words to actually express how helpful and amazing she has been. She is patient, kind, so caring and super efficient. A lot of the time she just got on with what needed to be done when I was too ill to direct her, which was such a huge relief for me. We had accumulated things over 6 years but due to ill health just couldn't tackle the organisation side of things but Laura has done so much for us. All our rooms are so organised now. Everything has a place. She's given us countless ideas for organisation that are easy to manage with our ill health too, which has been so helpful. And no matter how crazy our flat looked, we never felt judged. Prices are very reasonable too, especially considering the amount of work that gets done. So thank you Laura, you've been an absolute star and have made our flat finally feel like a home. - Sateena Dosanjh

I can honestly say that Laura helped to take me out of the wilderness and into control of my new home. It was very hard for me to enjoy my new home, with the amount of clutter and shorting out that needed to be done.

Her service was invaluable and I can honestly say she improved the quality of my life and I am very happy now. Bless you Laura, I wish you every success in your business.' - J

'It was so great being able to clear clutter from my office and get everything into a more systematised format – creating a place for everything so it’s sustainable and organised moving forward! You were so lovely to work with and really took the stress out of it for me'. – M Stewart

I have worked with Laura for over 18 months. After working with her, I always feel clearer and re-invigorated in my quest to achieve my goals.

Laura is an excellent listener, and has a range of techniques that naturally create a calm, and organised approach to future activities. What I have really got from my sessions include a small bite sized structure to breaking down larger tasks which at times feel daunting. Working towards dates has also been a real motivator, and a big step in my progress... - Anon

I attended one of Laura’s workshops over the summer and found it incredibly helpful…. Laura was the perfect host and provided lots of practical tips to help with the decluttering of our study at home….We have made loads of progress…

'I would recommend this workshop for anyone who has realised enough is enough, and that is is time to DECIDE and DE-CLUTTER'. – Marcus Nelson, Nottingham

'Thanks to Laura I went from cluttered2clean. My space feels all the better!' - Justin Donne / Cat Lady Justin