What is your surface clutter trying to tell you?

What is your surface clutter trying to tell you blog cover

Why does stuff keep appearing and why does no-one put it away properly?

Are these items trying to tell you something? You could ask yourself:

  • What type of item keeps appearing?
    • are they similar items?
    • are they all items needed for a specific activity or event e.g. needed when you go out?
  • Why do they keep appearing there?
    • do they have a home?
    • does their home not work well - maybe it's in an inconvenient spot or doesn't fit the function?
  • How often are they needed?
    • daily?
    • occasionally?
    • seasonal?

One of my virtual organising client's and I were discussing clutter on surfaces earlier this week. Don't you just love it!

You may have heard, clutter on surfaces attracts more clutter! It can be a slippery slope and before you know it, the clutter is taking over and you don't even know what you have!

Can you relate to this?

We were thinking about the hallway which is a busy location in any home. We all come and go through this (often) small space, leaving behind things as we transition to and from home and outside activities. It's also often a launchpad and storage spot for items bound to leave the house or to go upstairs when we next go!

It's super easy for clutter to build up on surfaces in this space!

So what can we do about it? Investigate ofcourse....

Cluttered surface

What's the solution?

  1. Routine - it could be that the household needs to become a little more disciplined and get into the habit of removing things to their 'homes' on a regular basis
  2. New home - Or it may be that these items are attracted to that spot because it is the most appropriate place for them, so assign a new more convenient 'home' for each item in this room
  3. Suitable storage - hang whatever you can and use pots, drawers or appropriately sized containers for anything else
    1. You may store items together (i.e. all the things I want to take out with me regularly - ear phones, glasses, keys, lip balm, purse)
    2. or in categories (all sunglasses in one spot)
    3. you may store by family member e.g. child's shoes in one box
    4. you might store according to season if needed- e.g. store summer hats, sunglasses in one box and winter gloves and hats in another. (If there is not enough space in the location, you could assign an out of the way location and swap these out periodically)
    5. label containers if you can't see the contents

Enabling you to achieve your goals

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