Podcast #1: You deserve a calm not frazzled Christmas

It’s December and the Christmas decorations are going up! It’s a fun time of year for many but the run up to Christmas can also be a stressful one.

Do you find yourself with a long list of things to do, shopping, gifting, activities, people to see and events to attend?

If you’re starting to feel under pressure, you’re not alone.

I sometimes have this problem and I’ve found that it can really help to get everything out of your head and onto paper.

Join me with your cuppa for this episode where I explore ideas to help make the lead up to Christmas easier, so that you can arrive at the Christmas holiday’s calm not frazzled.

To make things easier for you I’ve created the Ultimate Calm Christmas Planner that you can download for free today.

Watch out for my next episode where we think about Clutter-free Christmas Gifting.

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I’m Laura, sensitive and practical Professional Organiser based in Nottingham and supporting clients all over the Midlands. Find out more here

It wasn’t easy to donate my wedding dress, but I’m glad I did!

It’s not easy to let things go but you can gain so much more when you do.

I donated my wedding dress earlier in the year. I’d been thinking about donating it for some time, but when it came to taking action it was harder than I expected.

My wedding dress was beautiful and held lovely memories but I felt it was wasted and unloved under our bed. I was never going to wear it again and it was bulky. It took up valuable space in our home.

I had decided it was time to let it go months before, but something held me back.

Lots of people feel this way about things they want to move on, so I know I’m not alone. If you experience this, I hope my story and tips will help you.

Precious memories

I last wore my wedding dress in 2008 on our wedding day. That was the first and last time, and it sat in a box under our bed ever since.

It was a beautiful wedding dress. I tried on about 40 before I found this one, and I fell in love with it. I remember buying it in London. And thanks to alterations made by the lovely seamstress, it was the first outfit that truly fitted me. It made me feel fabulous!

For years, I kept my dress because it was special and… that’s what you do isn’t it.

The week after our wedding I arranged for my dress to be dry cleaned and carefully packed up in a beautiful box tied with a bow. Now I could keep it forever!

It cost a lot of money, and it would be a waste to just discard it!

Would it be bad luck to get rid of it? What did it say about my marriage if I wanted to declutter the dress?

And surely, it’s an heirloom. What if I want it in future or my daughter wants to wear it for her wedding? Though, honestly, she’s a child! Who knows whether she’ll want to marry, let alone wear my old thing)?

What can come up when we think about donating precious things?

You may have experienced this. You know it makes sense to let things go. Perhaps you need the space; don’t want things to waste away in your home; or you want less to maintain; store and distract you. But you can’t bring yourself to do it!

It’s upsetting to think that you will no longer have it (although you’ve not used it or looked at it for so long). What if you do want it in future? What if someone else wants it? Sometimes you fear parting with it but can’t put your finger on why.

I had all these feelings!

I had decided it made sense to let my dress go but I was delaying taking action. So what was going on for me?

As a Professional Organiser, I’m familiar with the process, the struggles we experience when considering letting things go and understand the reasons for these. So…

What helped me take action and donate my wedding dress?

When I recognised that I was procrastinating, I knew it what I had to do:

1. List my objectives

I reflected on all the reasons why I wanted to release my dress.

  • It was in good condition and deserved another bride! We don’t go to formal events so I couldn’t dye and wear it again. In any case it’s not really my style anymore
  • I wanted it to be enjoyed. I’d only looked at it once in the last 15 years, it was wasted under the bed!
  • I wanted less to maintain – it was gathering dust and in the way under the bed
  • I wanted our home to feel clearer and lighter
  • I wanted to have the opportunity to store items we do use so that our living space can feel calmer
2. Reframe – focus on the gains

I recognised that I was probably experiencing loss aversion; a cognitive bias where we feel the pain of losing more than the pleasure of what we gain.

I was fearful that letting it go would be painful.

So I focused on the gains – for me, the charity, the purchaser (and the dress!).

I would gain:

  • a lighter bedroom
  • more space to keep other things that matter (I still have my tiara, photos and lots more items gained more recently that I want to keep)
  • I no longer have to feel guilty about not wearing or looking at the dress
  • I don’t have to keep the dress to enjoy the memory.

After doing some research, I discovered a charity that has a specialist bridal store. So there was a good chance that my dress would be enjoyed by an excited new bride-to-be (rather than be cut up to make into other garments). My dress would also help raise much needed funds to help care for hospice patients.

The dress would have another fabulous outing, be loved again and fulfil it’s purpose for a 2nd time.

3. Explore the emotions

When I thought through my feelings, I realised that I was worried that I might miss my dress. I feared I might want to look at it again in future and I wouldn’t be able to do that.

Also, I worried about how much husband and daughter might feel. So I talked about my plan and they were both fine with my choice. They also loved the idea of supporting the charity.

On reflection, the dress also meant represented a childhood memory. I remember my Dad collecting up his pocket change and paying it into a savings account for me. When I left home he gave me the bank book, and I had put that money towards my dress; so it represented his love and care too.

After looking through photos (which made me feel happy and nostalgic) I decided to keep my tiara as a little memento the day. It’s much easier to store!

Finally, I gave myself some time to consider my decision. I took a moment to unpack the dress, hold it, and said goodbye. By this point, a lot of the sad emotions had drifted away, and I knew that donating it was the right thing to do.

Taking action was easier than I expected

Once I’d taken my wedding dress into the shop and walked away, I can honestly say I’ve had no regrets. A few days later I drove past the shop and saw it displayed in the shop window. It was great to see it having another day in the sun! I was glad I was able to release it so that it could be worn by another bride. And I appreciate having more space and less stuff that we never use in our home.

If you are thinking about letting go of a precious item but finding it difficult, here are my Top Tips.

My Top Tips for letting your things go:

Here are some tactics you can use when you are finding it hard to let go.

  1. Consider your objective – what do you want to achieve? List the reasons you want to let go, including what you will gain by doing so
  2. Reframe the decision in terms of what you gain – look for a cause that’s important to you and focus on what you are giving them
  3. Emotions – write down or discuss your feelings, work out what is really concerning you and explore this. Name your feelings and reduce their power. If you need it, allow yourself time to come to terms with your plan (a deadline is helpful)
  4. Consider how to keep the memory alive without keeping bulky items – take photos, make a scrap book, journal, or keep a small piece/item

If you struggle to let things go, it can help to talk it through. A friend or family member may be a good support or talk to a professional organiser for sensitive and impartial support.

And remember, I’m here for you…

I’m Laura, a sensitive and practical Professional Organiser based in Nottingham and supporting clients all over the Midlands. Find out more here

How to Avoid Overwhelm this Christmas

Are you calm and in control, or feeling the pressure in the run up to Christmas?

Ah Christmas, that special time of year where we slow down, contemplate the year that's past, give thanks, spend time with family, sing carols, eat turkey with all the trimmings and enjoy cheeky drinks with friends.

Are you looking forward to Christmas as we head into the last months of the year, feeling calm and in control or are you starting to feel the pressure?

Do you want to create the perfect Christmas? It should be a magical time, full of wonderful memories and a time to enjoy well earned treats, shouldn't it?

But at what cost? You don't want to feel completely overwhelmed and reach Christmas Eve stressed out! You deserve to enjoy yourself too, to relax, have a good time and be present to enjoy time with loved ones.

If you are feeling the pressure, these ideas can help you to stay in control and avoid feeling overwhelmed over the coming weeks.

5 Tips to help you avoid the overwhelm this Christmas

  1. Stop! Doing more, faster and working late into the night may get you there eventually but it will burn you out in the process, making you stressed and taking the enjoyment out of it for you and your family. Make a little time to stop and take stock...
  2. Make quick lists of everything that is spinning around in your head - To do lists, people you want to give gifts to, Christmas card list, food shopping – get everything out of your head and on to paper (or your phone). Then let it go. You don’t need to remember everything now but won’t risk losing sight of all those important things. Now you don’t need to wake in the night worrying that you’ve missed something
  3. Breathe – take a moment to re-centre yourself. Find a quiet spot, sit and close your eyes. Take a few minutes to listen to your breathing (don't try to control it, just observe), calm your thoughts, watch them pass by you but don’t explore them. Keep bringing yourself back to your breathing and focus on how your body moves naturally as you breathe. Do this daily if you can, it will help ground you and bring clarity and calm to your busy mind
  4. Strategize – it may not be possible to do everything you would like to do in the time available and it will stress you out trying. Noone wants you to reach Christmas a frazzled mess so you need to be strategic. Think carefully about what is most important to you this Christmas – for example, it might be having a nice time with family, it might be focusing on your beliefs, or making time for community. Now go through your lists and prioritise. Pick out the things that align with what's most important and down-grade those that don’t - if you don't get to these it's ok (cross them off if you are really feeling ruthless!)
  5. Be efficient with your time – buy gift vouchers for experiences and treats that friends and family wouldn’t normally get for themselves, bulk bake biscuits or other treats – handmade goods are always special, send e-cards instead of physical cards or make a donation to charity instead of sending Christmas cards, give the gift of your time – what about a New years walk in a beautiful location

'Less is more' - Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Remember, the best thing you can do when all feels overwhelming is stop for a moment. Refocus and think about what's important. You'll be much clearer on the priorities and feel more in control.

I find it helps write everything down to get it out of my head and keep track of it all, so I've created a planner and checklist with key dates that I think will help you too. Download your free copy.

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Wishing you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!