Student Organising & Packing Service

Student Organising & Packing Service
Ideal for Nottingham and Derby university students!

You want to focus on your studies but struggle to organise your possessions or have additional needs which make it difficult to concentrate. I’ll help you to organise your possessions to create a calmer more organised space where you can focus.

For support to organise your possessions to make your room calmer, feel more organised and streamlined for day to day living, find out about my Hands-On Organising Support here.

If you need support to organise and pack-up your belongings in preparation for putting them into storage, this service is perfect for you.

You are busy focusing on your studies, need that extra support that a standard removals service doesn’t offer or have already left the country (due to Covid-19 restrictions) and need help to get packed up ready to move or transfer your things into storage.

I know you want:

  • reliable and sensitive support
  • to know that your possessions are organised and packed carefully
  • to be able to quickly and easily find the things you need when you return
  • reassurance that your things have been secured in storage or shipped
  • to meet the deadline to vacate your room

What’s involved?

Call me to discuss your requirement and we’ll assess the project together (if you can send me photos that would be even better). We’ll discuss any specific requests and put together a project plan. You will need to arrange for me to have access to your room and book your storage or shipping facility.

I’ll be there every step of the way, updating you on progress and caring for your things as if they were my own. The project is complete when your packed items are handed over to the storage or shipping company.

I’ll handle it all so you don’t have to!

What does it cost?

I charge £37 per hour to organise, pack and project manage, plus costs for packing materials and removals.

You pay 25% of the estimated cost when booking and a final payment upon completion. The final charge will depend on the time required to complete the project and volume of possessions. Below is a typical example.

Example: En-suite Studio, £263* includes:
  1. Organising and packing-up 10 large boxes of possessions
  2. Providing packing materials and equipment to complete the project
  3. Travel, parking costs and admin time
  4. Removals
  5. Liaising with storage facility/shipping company to confirm safe delivery

* I can research providers for you but you will contract with and pay the storage or shipping company directly.

What do others say:

‘OrganisedWell is a great company. I was in a tough situation, and needed my valuable items to be organised and packed as I had left he country due to Covid-19. I contacted many organisations and Laura’s definitely stood out and was the only one who I felt I could trust. She took care an organised m stuff as if it were her own and was very easy to talk to. She always responded quickly, I was amazed at how fast and well she did in such little time. Thanks so much Laura Grateful to have found your service :)’ – Faiza Zaki

If your accommodation is not in Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire, I can support you virtually. I will provide guidance, help you plan your packing and support finding the right suppliers for you. Find out more about my Virtual Organising Service here.