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Buying feels good but holding on is the problem

In today’s world the Consumer rules; it’s so easy to buy anything and everything to meet our wants and needs. Often we don’t really even need the item but it makes us feel good to buy something new. It’s amazing how we can buy clothing, easy-build furniture, electronics and goods from all over the world and have them arrive at our home within a few days. We don’t even need to leave the comfort of our own home to make the order.

It’s easy to buy more things (and get a real buzz from bagging a bargain) so it’s not surprising that we accumulate so much in our homes. As we accumulate more we also need to manage our storage and declutter more frequently to avoid being overwhelmed by stuff.

I’ve been asked how we can prevent this overwhelm so here are my top tips to help manage possessions:

  • Be mindful about what you bring into your home. Consider your motivation for buying that new item. Do you already have a similar item at home? Do you really need it? Why do you need it? What will you gain from purchasing the item (and does the desire to purchase it outweigh the space that it will take up in your home)?
  • If replacing items that are old or damaged, before you think about buying new, explore if it’s possible to repair the item before you purchase another. If you need to buy new, always ensure that you remove the old item – avoid the temptation to put it to one side and deal with it later. Recycle, donate, throw away asap – you already decided that it needs to go when you replaced it!
  • Out with the old and in with the new! (1)Clothes purchases; consider if you can repair damage or have ill-fitting clothes adjusted. Review your wardrobe before shopping so that you know what you have and can avoid buying duplicates or similar items by mistake. If you still want to buy new clothes, ensure that you remove something that is now out of fashion or doesn’t fit as you’re adding the new item to your wardrobe. Sticking to a one-in-one-out rule will really help you to focus on maintaining rather than growing your wardrobe.
  • Test yourself. If you just have to have it, maybe a cool down period of a day or two will help you clarify whether you really need it or are just feeling that initial passion. It’s easy to be seduced by clever marketing and pricing strategies that create that feeling that you must have it there and then or you might miss out if you don’t! I find taking a photo and walking away a great strategy. I give myself a few days and if I still have to have it, then I go back for it.

We will always buy new things, but the key to successfully managing the flow of possessions is to consider purchases carefully and remove unwanted items to make space for the new.

If you would like support decluttering your home of those old purchases contact me. I’m based in Nottingham, work all over the Midlands, and can be part of your support network!

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UPDATE: I went clothes shopping and thought I’d share how I ensure that I don’t get wardrobe overload!

Out with the old and in with the new clothes!

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