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My favourite toy organising ideas

Thank goodness! I’ve done the first drop-off of the year, everyone is settled in and I’ve returned to a quiet house. I can take a breath, gather my thoughts and finally tackle those tasks that have been bugging me for a while now.

Whilst I love having family time and the holidays have been lots of fun, it can be very a demanding and messy time. I’m desperate to create some order out of the chaos and distraction that has been filling my home and my mind!

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With the children back at school this is the perfect time to regain control and make space (in our homes and heads) for another focus; a new project, work, other commitments, hobbies, to just feel better prepared or to have time to care for ourselves.

Children seem to have so many toys and spread them all over the house. I think there are probably only a few rooms in our house that don’t have toys or books somewhere (I know I’m going to miss this in a few years!).

I wanted to share my favourite ideas for organising children’s toys:

  1. Have a place for everything! Have labelled boxes and bags so that the children can easily see them and depending on their age, put them away!
  2. Keep toys together in categories so that they can be enjoyed with ease – e.g. keep all vehicles in a crate near to a floor with space to play, store pens and craft materials close to a table
  3. Don’t have too many toys out – rotate items, storing them and bringing them out a few months later to keep them fresh
  4. Give away duplicates, toys that are no longer age specific or no longer played with. Too many toys can be overwhelming and won’t be appreciated
  5. Create a mindset that toys are to be enjoyed then moved on. Encourage your children to help you to give away toys that they no longer play with to other children to enjoy. Good times to do this are after long holidays, before Christmas and birthdays. (If you struggle with letting go for sentimental reasons find pictures of your children playing with those items or take photos before giving them away for someone else to love).

When tackling toys, there are so many ideas out there so I’ve curated some great articles on organising toys for you to read with a cuppa.

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