New Year’s Resolutions

Have you made a New Years Resolution for 2018? Many of us do. You’ve come to the end of the year and have the opportunity to start afresh; to change a ‘bad habit’ or start something new. You might want to spend more time with family, have a healthier lifestyle or start that hobby you’ve always fancied.

You have this chance to make that big difference. What an amazing opportunity, what high expectations you have!

I’ve been there, I’ve started off with good intentions and it’s gone well for a few days, weeks or even months. Motivation starts high but wains after a while and old habits die hard as the trappings of normal life take over. It’s easier to slip back into old ways – I can always start again the following Monday!

So what is the secret to keeping a New Years resolution?

Essentially we are looking to change a habit. Habits are formed over time, they have been learned and reinforced over a number of months or years. They make us feel comfortable, happy or good about ourselves and this makes it hard to leave them behind.

I believe the secret to changing a habit needs 3 things; preparation, a good set-up and positive reinforcement. Why not try the following when your planning New Years resolution.

  1. Set a goal, make it real and visualise it. Think about what success will look like, what will it feel like, what benefit will it give you and why do you really want this?
  2. Anticipate what might make it difficult and think about how you’ll face that. What support do you need from friends and family and what can you put in place to help yourself overcome those hard moments. How might you avoid temptation?
  3. Be realistic about what you need to make it possible. If you set yourself the goal of going to the gym 7 times a week, can you sustain this? Don’t overdo it, focus on one thing and do it well
  4. Change your mindset – make a conscious effort to be positive, don’t hanker after those old habits but rather focus on what the new habits will give you. Be determined, be prepared for the hard times but focused on the end result. It will be hard but worth it when you achieve it. Be confident and use a little mantra to remind yourself that ‘you can do this’!
  5. Regularly reflect on what you have achieved. Recognise how your new habit has improved your life, how you feel now and what others recognise about you.
  6. Take time out to celebrate your achievements. Give yourself a little pat on the back and do something nice for yourself to keep you going through the hard times.

If you want to declutter your home or get better organised in 2018 and need that helping hand to set yourself up or work through the practical tasks, then contact me. I’m based in Nottingham, work all over the Midlands, and can be part of your support network!

Email me at laura@organisedwell.co.uk or call on 07970 989955.