Create a Relaxing Garden Space with These Quick Shed Organising Tips

If your garden is a mess, it’s likely a disorganised shed is the culprit. Try these quick shed organising tips and make space for a relaxing garden.

Imagine this; you walk out into your back garden to an inviting garden space. The calm, neat space is the perfect place to relax, work on your laptop or play with the family. 

The problem is, this might be more like your experience: empty plant pots, last years growth wilting in containers, bikes, furniture and gardening equipment left out and piled up with good intention. You can’t fit anything else in the shed, and you’ll need them again sometime, so things are stacked up.

If your garden is far from a neat and inviting sanctuary, now is the perfect time to tackle it! Whilst the weather is looking dry for a while (hello UK summer!) you can regain control of this wilderness!

Your Shed is the key

If your garden is a mess, it’s likely that your shed is far worse. A shed full of stuff you don’t use is no help whatsoever. 

If you had the space to store the things you do need, and organise them so they are easily accessible, it would be super easy leave your garden a serene oasis of calm.

The key to a calmer garden is your shed.

So when can you carve out some time to work on it? Let’s get that in the diary and get started!

My Top Tips for Regaining Control of your Garden Shed:


Empty the contents of your shed onto your garden lawn or patio. I know it’s scary but it’s well worth the effort. You’ll see where you have duplicates, similar items and see the scale of your shed collection. 

This is your opportunity to be ruthless and make space for the things you currently need to store. And if you could borrow or buy cheaply in future, don’t keep it ‘just in case’!

Remove everything you can see that you know you no longer need and dispose of it. Would your neighbours or family use it? Could a charity shop sell it? Does it need to go to the household recycling centre to be recycled or disposed of?

You don’t need to keep:

  • old paint
  • bits of wood or metal that you’ve held onto but never used
  • a vast range of screws and nails
  • attachments for tools, furniture and toys you no longer have
  • bike racks for cars long gone
  • children’s bikes and scooters long grown out of.

All of these items and more can be given away to be used by someone else, recycled or safely disposed of.

Check tools to ensure that it still all works and is needed. Working equipment can be given away. Local sharing groups such as Freecycle are good, and some charity shops take working electricals). Tools that have seen better days can be recycled at your local household recycling centre. 

A handy tip for when you buy tools in future; the store where you make your new purchase will usually take your old equipment for the recycling.


We want your shed to be organised so that you and your family can access the things that you want, but more importantly they can be put them away easily.

Use the wall space as much as possible. You don’t stay in this space for long so don’t need to worry about feeling overwhelmed by things on walls. Where practical, add shelves and hooks on the walls to enable you to hang tools, equipment, small items of furniture. 

If you have space to hang or rack up your bikes, it’s worth investing in the appropriate racks. Hang an entire bike using a wall mounted rack or prop it using a Klug.

Try to place or hang everything as if it is ‘on display’ in a hardware store. This will make it easy to see what you need whilst maximising storage.

Place the things you use most often (such as bikes and lawn mower) nearer to the door, so that they can be accessed most easily. The things you use less often can be placed nearer to the back, or stored in harder to reach places.

Use small bags in a larger box, jars or a container with small sections, to contain selections of screws, raw plugs, and other small items that you know you will use again in future. Label as needed to make it super easy to get to and find small items you need for DIY.

Get Help

You don’t have to do this work alone. You can rope in the children (make it a game), family or neighbours to support you with this task. 

Read about Three Top Organising Principles here.

And don’t forget I’m here for you. I’ve supported my clients to create calmer, more organised sheds, garages and outside spaces and can help you too. Find out more about my services here.

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