15 Creative Ways to Declutter during Lockdown

15 Creative Ways to Manage the Things You Declutter During Lockdown

If you're still in lockdown, now may be the perfect time for you to have a sort out at home. If you are not sure what to do with the things you declutter, don't be put off. Try these 15 creative ways to manage the things you declutter during lockdown.

As lockdown rules have changed, recycling centres across the country have recently opened to the relief of everyone, but safety restrictions and high demand are causing long queues. Some centres are encouraging people to visit only where essential.

Charity shops will also be permitted to open later this month. Whilst it will bring a much needed lifeline for those who rely on income from their shops, it will be no easy task to manage hygiene and social distancing measures. It's likely that they will need to quarantine donations before they can be processed, which will affect their ability to take donations.

But don't let this put you off. You've likely spent a lot more time at home than you usually would. I'm sure you've spotted areas that need your attention, or perhaps you've been inspired to make some home improvements. Maybe your motivation is growing or you're keen to be productive whilst in lockdown.

Whatever your reason, this is your time! There are still plenty of ways you can manage the things that are no longer useful or loved... so grab this opportunity with both hands and get started!

Pass It On

  1. It's true that 'One man's rubbish is another man's treasure'. Online groups and forums, such as community groups, Freecycle, Facebook Marketplace and other resources are a great to offer your items for collection. You can still ensure social distancing rules by leaving your items outside your property for collection
  2. If you live on a street frequented by passers-by, you could put items out with a sign, 'Free to a good home'. You'll be amazed what people can make use of and it's good entertainment as you play passer-by bingo!
  3. Sell online - sites like Facebook Marketplace, Ebay and so-on are up and running. You can either arrange collection from outside your home, arrange for couriers to collect from your property or if it's safe for you to do so, visit your local Post office when you go out for exercise


  1. Use your household waste collections to dispose of small quantities of rubbish
  2. If you have a large quantity of waste that you want to remove quickly, a skip is a convenient solution. You could band together with neighbours to share the cost if practical
  3. Buy a waste disposal bag such as Hippo and arrange collection when it's full

Save it for when lockdown eases

If you have items that can't be managed as above, you can neatly, bag-up and label the items, and:

  1. Store them in the boot of your car ready for when your desired outlet opens again
  2. Store in a space you don't use often (garage, shed or attic) so that they are ready to go
  3. If you don't have storage ask a neighbour to help you temporarily store items and ensure that you collect them as soon as you can (you don't want to make your clutter someone else's problem!)

Don't forget to diarise a reminder so that you can review the situation and remove the items from your home as soon as practical.


Some online charities may still be taking donations of good quality clothing. Re-Fashion is a great example. Request a bag and send off your donations., it's a simple as that!

There may be local charities who are asking for particular items at this time for example to support the local community or for the homeless. British Heart Foundation are also starting to take donations by post. Find out more online. In Nottingham, for example, Sharewear are still taking certain donations to support people in clothing poverty

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  1. You may find items that can be upcycled. With a bit of imagination, or a lick of the paint (perhaps found in the shed!), you can breathe new life into items to sell or re-purpose around your home. Ladders make great shelving, freshly painted, decorated or re-upholstered furniture and storage can bring a room to life
  2. Perhaps you have boxes, pots or shapes that you could re-purpose as features or planters for use in your garden
  3. You may find treasures that can be enjoyed in pieces of art, framed or made into another item you will use around the house.
  4. If you're feeling creative but don't want to keep pieces in your home, perhaps create art that you can sell to others to appreciate

What next?

If you'd like some help, whether that be to plan your project, provide tailored ideas or encouragement and support to keep you going, my Virtual Organising Partner service is just the ticket. Click here to find out more here