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There never seems to be enough time in my week for everything I want to achieve so I love it when I find a hack for getting ahead!

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There never seems to be enough time in my week for everything I want to achieve so I love it when I find a hack for getting ahead!

Don’t you hate it when you always feel on the back foot; your morning is a crazy rush, whilst trying to get ready yourself, you dig out a school uniform only to find that there isn’t a clean school cardigan. You play hunt the school shoes with your youngest when you really need to be leaving the house and when you finally get out of the door, you realise you’ve left a bag behind. During the day, your diary pops up a reminder for an event that you didn’t realise was coming up and haven’t prepared for, so you end up rushing to get prepared. You also need to zip round and sort out the house as you realise your friend is popping round for a coffee after school pick up. Later in the day your hungry family come back from work and school and are asking what’s for dinner. You haven’t had the head space to plan anything or shop for any ingredients.

Here are my 6 top tips for getting organised on a Sunday evening so that you’re well prepared for the week ahead.

  1. Review your diary for the week ahead so that you know what’s coming up. Add time for any preparation and to complete any related tasks
  2. Make a meal plan for the week. That way you don’t need to think about dinner after your busy working day and when everyone is starving. We have a dry wipe board attached to the inside of a kitchen cabinet – we can open the door to review it whenever needed and whip it out to rewrite at the end of each weekMeal Planner 2
  3. Now you have a meal plan you can also make a food shopping list using a corner of the white board. You can take a photo or copy into your phone when you are ready to go to the shops
  4. Put out children’s school uniform ready for the following morning
  5. Ensure packed school bags, coats and shoes are all in the launch area (hall way) – I recently added a child height hook to the hallway so that my daughter can be involved in managing her things. She’s now feels proud to be able to get her coat down from the hook and check everything she needs is in her school bag ready to leave the house!
  6. Have a quick tidy round the house; recycle any kids drawings (unless they are special – pop those in your keep sake box), papers, notices (you’ve either actioned them or added them to your to do list right!), magazines (if you’ve not read them by now – skim them to establish if they contain any articles you want to read, otherwise recycle). Return things back to where they belong and take with you anything that belongs upstairs.

Now you are much better organised for your week!

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