Podcast #3: Avoid Costly Clutter in the January Sales

With all the hype about the bargains we can buy in the January sales it’s easy to get carried away, but could our purchases quickly become clutter?

We are bombarded with tempting offers everywhere we go. There are so many products and services that can solve our problems, even problems we don’t realise we have. How many social media and TV adverts, and promotional emails have you come across offering bargains and special offers?

Bargain or clutter?

It’s easy to get carried away with the idea of a special offer or the need to buy ‘while stocks last’! Clever marketing is persuasive but if we find our purchases don’t quite meet our needs or we don’t have space for them, they can easily become clutter.

So I invite you to get yourself a hot drink and join me for my latest podcast. We think about how to avoid costly clutter in the January sales.

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