I run workshops and events throughout the year to support you with your decluttering and organising projects. Find out more below.

Declutter Me! Workshop

Join my intimate workshop and prepare your decluttering project with my support. I will help you to prepare, develop ideas and plan for a success!

During the workshops we will:

  • Review your problem area and set your goal
  • Share issues and ideas
  • Prepare and create a plan of action so that you are ready to go

You will benefit from:

  • a clear vision of what you want to achieve
  • guidance on how to declutter
  • less clutter and chaos in your home
  • a sense of calm and freedom
  • more space for you. What could you do with that extra space – hobby space, home-office, playroom, space to relax?

My workshops offer a safe place to share concerns, ideas and support each other as you embark on your organising journey. I like to keep them intimate so that you can be yourself therefore spaces are limited to 4 per workshop.

You will receive a workbook to takeaway and have the opportunity to keep in touch with me for some email support, and with the other attendees via a closed Facebook group if you wish.

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Can’t find a date that’s suitable? Join my waiting list here.

NOW 5th – 11th November 2018

APDO created NOW to promote the benefits of organisation, including (to name but a few):

  • a calmer mind
  • greater productivity
  • improved time management
  • revitalised relationships
  • increased creativity

APDO members across the country are marking National Organising Week by sharing the benefits of organising along with tips and ideas through videos and blogs and donating their time to help people and organisations get better organised.

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E3CA6374-086E-4705-9D57-6D434E0DB9DFGet together with your friends for a fun evening of wardrobe decluttering!

Arrange a gathering of up to 3 of your close friends and I’ll join you to take you all through the wardrobe decluttering journey. We’ll declutter your wardrobe while sharing tips that your friends can use on theirs later on.

You will all benefit from:

  1. more space – you no longer need to lean on your clothes to squish something back in or re-iron an item before wearing it!
  2. knowing what you have – no more wasting money on duplicates
  3. the ability to find an outfit that makes you feel gorgeous everyday
  4. more time in the mornings – you could fit in a yoga class!
  5. you may even make some money selling old clothes to invest in a new item (not guaranteed!)
  6. a new mindset that will help you use your clothes more efficiently and spend less to look great

You provide:

  • the venue (a big enough bedroom or other space that we can move your clothes to)
  • the crazy wardrobe
  • snacks

I’ll bring:

  • great decluttering ideas
  • energy
  • an impartial (non-judgemental) outsider view

Maybe your messiest friend should be your host!

£90 for 3 hours – that’s less than a meal out!

(Please note: I do need to charge additional mileage if you are more than 20 miles away from Beeston, Notts. I charge 45p per mile and this is payable on the night).

Request a party here.