Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with the items I've decluttered during COVID-19 lockdown?

It is still possible to sell items despite restrictions and people are still interested in making purchases.

Consider whether it's the best time of year for seasonable items, how long you are prepared to wait before donating the item if it doesn't sell. Also how much effort are you prepared to put in to selling the items? Some low value items may not be worth your time and the space they take up in your home while you wait for them to sell. You may be better off donating them straight away.

Online sale sites

Online sites such as Ebay and Facebook marketplace are good places to try.

If you are not happy to arrange a safely distanced collection, and don't fancy queuing at the local Post Office, you can now purchase postage online and drop off at a parcel postbox or arrange collection from your home. Find out more

Fashion resellers

Rethread will sell your clothes for you and return your proceeds less fees and a commission. Find out more.

Vestiaire Collection sells high fashion items. Find out more.

You may also have fashion agencies locally who will sell items on your behalf.


Ziffit buy certain books, CDs and DVDs and computer games. Enter the barcodes on their website to see what you'll receive for them. You can also choose to donate the proceeds. Find out more

Music Magpie buy certain mobile phones, technology, CDs, DVDs, computer games, Lego and books. Find out more

Although many charities shops may not be accepting donations, there are still a number of options.

British Heart Foundation accept a range of items by freepost - click for details.

Give Back Box - encourage you to re-use packaging from your online orders to send your donations to benefit ExtraCare using their Free service -  click for details

Clothing Donations

Sharewear (the Midlands, Sheffield and Yorkshire) love donations of clothes and bedding which enable them to provide clothing support for individuals an families in need.  Find out more and arrange an appointment to drop off your donation

Refashion is an online charity with no stores. Simply declutter your wardrobe, order a bag, parcel up your quality clothes donations and send off for free. Find out more

Operation Orphan use donations of warm clothes, blankets and coats to support children across the world to survive low temperatures. Find out more

If you have had a declutter and are looking for ways to move the items on locally, you could try offering them via local community groups, social media groups, Freecycle or enquiring with neighbours.

If you have good footfall outside your home, you might even leave items out in fine weather, labelled for passers-by to take away.


Release your books 'into the wild' and see where they go. Join the community that enables you to share your books with other book lovers and see from the online journal where each book travels to. Find out more.

Items that are not of a good quality to pass on to others don't need to go into landfill.

Nottingham based charity, Operation Orphan will take your old sofas, beds and mattresses to be recycled. You make a small contribution for collection so that the proceeds from your donation can be used to support vulnerable children - find out more here

Terracycle - can't find a way to recycle a particular item, see if there is a local Terracycle drop-off point by searching here.

Your local household recycling centre (known as the 'tip' when I was younger) will recycle a wide range of materials that are not accepted by your kerbside collection. Amongst others, you can usually recycle; old batteries; bulbs; clothing and textiles; paint tins; china and glass; electricals; scrap metal; wood and MDF.

You may need to pre-book a slot to visit so Google your local household recycling centre for more information.

Packshare enable you to pass on your cardboard boxes to local businesses who can re-use them. Find out more.

What's it like working with a Professional Organiser?

If you need help or support to declutter or organise your home, office or life, a Professional Organiser can help you.

A professional organiser will provide guidance, ideas, expertise, encouragement and accountability. It's a little bit like working with a personal trainer for your home and it's important that you find the right one for you.

To find out more about my approach and services read more here.

The state of your home can impact your mood, the way you feel about your home, yourself and your ability to cope, and your ability to concentrate and relax.

When you remove the things that you no longer use or love, you create space to really live and to do the things you enjoy.

An organised home, makes it easier to manage your things, supports improved focus and productivity and saves you time and money as you no longer have to search for or replace the things you need.

  1. When you call me to discuss your needs I will seek to understand more about what you'd like to achieve, any challenges you are experiencing and your priorities. We'll discuss how we can work together and I'll answer any questions you have
  2. We'll book in dates to work together
  3. If you book Hands-on sessions, we will also book an initial consultation to prepare for your first session
  4. I'll send you a Client Agreement to be signed electronically
  5. After each session, I'll email you with an outline of any follow-up actions and details of any organisations or product ideas to support your project
  6. If you have any questions or requests, feel free to email me between our sessions and I'll be happy to support you (I do my best to respond as soon as possible but please allow up to 2 days)
  7. I'll follow-up with you after our session to find out how you are getting on with the changes and support if there is anything further you need

A consultation is usually arranged when you make your Hands-On Organising Support session booking(s) to enable us to prepare.

We speak by video call (Zoom or another video app)  so that you can show me around, or if you prefer by telephone.

This discussion is the opportunity for us to get to know each other a little better, discuss the project in more detail, understand your vision, any special requirements and any potential challenges. We may also plan equipment or product requirements depending on the project.

A consultation may last up to 1-hour depending on our discussion.

Do you have a question I've not answered here? Email me at