Laura Williams, Declutterer and Organiser, holding up Half Marathon medal

Finding that motivation!

How exciting, this is my very first blog post! I hope I can do it, I hope I like it, I hope you like it!

I did something else for the first time this year; ran my first half marathon. I suppose I approached that with the same questions. Even though I’d been working out regularly and running for while, it seemed like such a daunting task. I didn’t know what it would be like (although I’d had advice from those who had done it before me), if I could do it, would I lose motivation half way round or use all my energy in the first few kilometres and tire myself out before I’d made much progress? Would I be able to drag myself over the finish line after I’d been running for all that time?

As it turns out, I was lucky enough to have the right people around me to support me and cheer me on. My personal trainer, Cal Ford, was amazing at helping me find motivation when I was so close to giving up and helping me with a great training plan. I am grateful for his guidance, know-how and words of motivation when I needed it. He helped me stay on track when it felt like too much hard work.

In the months running up to the half marathon, I decided to enjoy my journey even though it was hard at times. My friends and family supported me along the way, helping me to stay focused and following my training plan. I found that with a little self-belief and a positive mental attitude I could do it!

On race day, I made the most of the atmosphere, watching fellow runners and spectators enjoying the event. Although I knew it would be tough, I decided to make the most of the run. Deciding my own positive mental attitude, I gained a sense of control over my body and a feeling of freedom. It was hard, it was hilly and I was tired, but I loved every minute!