Get Started: Home Decluttering

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I want to help as many people as possible to create a little bit of calm in their lives so I've created this free virtual workshop to provide some support for a task that can feel so daunting.

As you work and live closely together, and spend more time at home, those areas of your home that need attention can be a real source of stress. You crave more space and a calm place to work or relax and you need to make the time to tackle it.

If you want to take the opportunity to review your things, declutter your home and get better organised but are struggling to make a start, this workshop will help you to get started.

'That was really useful and I'm all fired up and ready to declutter!' - attendee

Attendees Have Said

'An excellent workshop with lots of ideas and motivation on how to get started in clearing out my clutter.' -Anon

'Laura supplied the group with a comprehensive workbook and gave us handy tips and hints on how to, and what to, do.' -Marilyn Morton

'In her workshop Laura presents useful information which helps individuals to logically think about how they can declutter successfully. Strategies are discussed on how to prepare and plan the task in hand as well as the advantages to undertaking the process. ... Laura is supportive in her approach with a positive attitude' -Karen North