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Laura Williams, Founder and Professional Organiser

I’ve either tried them myself in my own home or have friends who have. I'll tell you a bit of about each item but you’ll find the ‘official’ details and be able to buy via the links.

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doTERRA Essential Oils

DoTerra Essential Oils




I use essential oils in my work to support the emotions my clients experience during our work to declutter and organise their homes.

If you want to buy a specific oil and know what you are looking for you can shop here:

The wonderful Katrina Stevens provides my oils and can help you if you wish to target a particular emotion or issue or would like advice. Contact her directly by emailing out more at

Essential Oil Diffuser

I love this colour changing cold mist diffuser for my essential oils.

Oils Pouch

Oil pouchMy fabulous oil-cloth pouch stores 12 x 15ml essential oils and with wipe-able lining, it's perfect to take my oils out and about! See StichedbyClaire

Square Storage Containers

The square profile on these containers ensures you use all available cupboard space, perfect standing upright or lying down in drawers.

Small Square Storage Containers

These containers are great for storing half used food stuffs.

Picture ledge

This ledge is not only great for displaying pictures but also works well for displaying or storing small toys, models, and books at your child's height.

Pan lid holders

These sauce pan lids are perfect for storing lids out of the way on walls or on the inside your pan drawer.

Picture Hanging Strips

Get those picture frames up on the wall quickly and easily with these strips (make sure to find the right strips for your frame weight)

Large Command Hooks

These hooks are so versatile! Use them inside your wardrobe to hang jewellery, inside a hallway cupboard to hang keys and dog leads and in the kitchen to hang large utensils out of the way.

Storage Bins

Perfect for my tall kitchen cupboard, I've used these containers to store glass, plastic recycling and plastic bags. The containers aren't as wide as the cupboard so there is room to stand our ironing board and hang a feather duster, swiffer, window pole etc.

Plate Stacker

This plate stacker is ideal for creating more space in the kitchen cupboard. We can see and access the different size plates and don't risk stacks of plates falling over when we try to reach something at the bottom of the pile!

Clear Command Hooks

Here are the command hooks I used to hang torches in my kitchen cupboard (have you seen my video yet?). They're fab for hanging small items and easy to remove when you no longer need them.

Magazine File

I used Velcro attach this to the top of my kitchen cupboard to store cling film and foil out of the way. (watch my video here!)

Reusable Cable Ties

We use these reusable cable ties to keep cables all over the house tidy, including our spare cable supply.

Storage Box

I love this range of storage boxes! They are strong, come in all shapes and sizes, clear so it's easy to see the contents and the handles keep them tightly closed.

Wire Storage Basket

We use this basket to store small bags of nuts and fruit and packets in the kitchen cupboards. It's really easy to see the contents and grab whatever we need.

Clear Plastic Storage

These are great, they come in different shapes and sizes so are really useful. We use them for organising the contents of our fridge and toiletries in the bathroom cabinet.

Under Bed Storage

If you have some space under your bed it's a great opportunity for additional storage. A zipped bag like this can be used for spare duvet's, seasonal clothes and shoes if you order one with dividers!

Wire Storage Rack

This wire storage is really versatile. It can be built in different configurations to suit different shaped areas. My brother bought one set and was able to create both shoe and jumper storage racks.

Tiny item storage

This case is perfect for storing and displaying small toys such as Shopkins neatly on a shelf or in a cupboard.

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