Packing Essentials Checklists

Holiday Packing Essentials Checklists

Discover my Packing Essentials Checklists

I know it can be stressful packing for a trip, especially if you are packing for the whole family!

Trying to second guess the weather, prepare for all eventualities, cater for everyone and squeeze everything in your luggage can be really stressful. With all the too-ing and fro-ing it can be difficult to keep track of everything and remember all the essentials.

There is nothing worse than travelling down the motorway only to realise you've forgotten your daughter's shoes and she only has trainers to wear with her dresses (yes, we've done that -even funnier was the time my husband discovered he'd packed 17 left contact lenses)!

If you find it stressful and worry whether you have packed everything you need, my Packing Essentials checklists will make your life so much calmer.

Tested and reviewed by real mums, my Packing Essential checklists are:

  • pre-populated with items you don't want to forget
  • tailored for the type of trip - camping, a UK trip (self catering or hotel) and trip abroad
  • include handy check boxes to help you keep track of your packing
  • leave space for you to make your own notes

Keep them with your suitcases and re-use again and again to save time and stress in future!