Photo Organising

Let’s organise your photos…

so that you can enjoy your memories and share your stories with future generations.

Your photos are precious, they help you remember and share the stories of your life; those special moments; your journeys and your family’s legacy.

You’ve taken thousands of photos over the years but now they are scattered about your home in albums or boxes; on old cameras; mobile phones and other devices.

When your photos are a mess it’s difficult to enjoy those special moments and it can feel like an impossible task when you want to find a particular image to share or create a photo gift for a loved-one.

You might be worried that these memories will be damaged or lost; preventing those stories from living on for you and future generations?

How would it feel?

How would it feel to have your collection in one location, easily accessible, stored safely and backed-up so that if the worst was to happen you wouldn’t lose these precious memories?

When you organise your photos and digital pictures, you:
  • are able to easily access and enjoy your memories
  • can quickly create photo gifts for others
  • are secure in the knowledge that your memories will be protected
  • can preserve important family history for future generations
  • will be able to explore options to easily share special photos with others where-ever they are in the world

I know from experience, when you lose a family member it makes you think about all the questions you didn’t ask and the people in photos you wished you’d identified. It makes you think about the future, and the information you’d like to pass on before it is lost forever.

Laura, OrganisedWell

How I can help you

I know you’re busy. You don’t have the time, energy or know-how to organise your photo collection yourself. BUT you don’t want to continue to grow the chaos. You want an expert to do the work for you and deliver an organised collection for you to enjoy and add to.

Contact me to book in your Exploration Session so that we can understand your collection and work out how to meet your goal. Once we have more detail, I’ll give you a plan of action and we’ll agree the work I’ll carry out for you.

Do you have questions?

Phase 1

Exploration Session (2 hours, £90)

You are not sure where to start, need some help making sense of what you need to do or are happy to do the work yourself with a little guidance.

We will help you understand your collection and the options that would work for you.

At the end of the session, I will provide you with:

  • an outline of your options
  • my estimate to do the work for you
  • a guidance sheet, to help you get started

If you choose further photo services within 7 days of the Exploration Session, half of the fee for that session will be deducted from your overall fee.

Phase 2 – Options:

Digital Photos Organised: (starting at £250)

This is for you if you have images saved on multiple cameras, devices and phones and don’t have the time or knowledge to extract the images and organise them into one collection.

After we’ve had an Exploration Session to understand your collection, I can organise your collection for you.

I will:

  • bring together your digital images into a digital hub
  • organise them into folders so that they are accessible for you
  • remove duplicate images
  • provide a storage device containing your digital hub
  • show you how to maintain the digital hub
  • provide information on back-up options

Physical Photos Protected (starting at £360 for 200 photos)

You want to bring your physical photos into one organised collection and protect them for the future but it’s an overwhelming task.

You worry about losing precious memories as physical photos deteriorate over time.

This service is ideal if you don’t have the time, energy or know-how to scan, save and organise your photos yourself.

After we’ve had an Exploration Session to understand your collection, I can manage your collection for you.

What I’ll do:
  • bring together your photos into one location
  • organise your photos into folders
  • scan the photos so that you have digital copies
  • save the photos for you
What you’ll get:
  • your physical photos returned to you in labelled archive quality storage box(es)
  • a device containing the scanned photos
  • advice on back-up options

Additional services available up on request:
  • add up to 2 keyword tags to each photo to enable you to search photos by date, event, location or other information you specify
  • run facial recognition and add name key word tags to images
  • colour correction

About Laura

My experience in decluttering and organising clients’ possessions and previously working with HR systems, enables me to bring a person-centred, analytical and practical approach to photo organising. 

I’m a member of The Photo Managers and working towards my certification. 

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Laura Williams, OrganisedWell Decluttering and Organising Support and Photo Services

I am based in Nottingham, UK and can collect your photos and devices from anywhere in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Birmingham and the Midlands. If you are based further afield, we can arrange for your photos and devices to be couriered and meet online.

Contact me today to discuss your photo organising needs. I’m here for you.

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