“To be honest I’d never heard of this service before although I’d often wished someone would come and sort everything out for me.

As a busy mum, working full time with 2 small children finding time to do anything is hard enough. I was worried about having someone come into my house – what would they think? Would I be listened to? Had I the time?

But Laura was fantastic. She first of all listened to me. She was able to see through the chaos and help me to make a plan which didn’t overwhelm me. I began to think an organised house was achievable!

We targeted one room at a time. Laura kept me on track, encouraged me and found somewhere for everything I wanted to keep.

There was no pressure, we went at my pace and she never made me feel silly for wanting to keep things that had sentimental value. Instead we found a way to store them that didn’t cause clutter and mess!

I can’t thank Laura enough. My house no longer stresses me out. It feels calm, organised and a lovely place to be. It’s my Home once again!”

– Mrs Clark, West Midlands