Understairs cupboard

“I’m just so pleased with the work Laura and I did to tackle my understairs cupboard. Things had accumulated to the extent that we didn’t really know what we had and couldn’t use the space. I used to open the door, feel overwhelmed by the contents and close the door again. Laura really helped me to do a job that we’d been putting off for some time and I’d not had the motivation to do on my own.

I found it a very uplifting and liberating experience. Some of the items we came across had great emotional value and Laura helped me to see them in a different light. I was able to let go of unwanted gifts, things we’d not used in some time, and store precious children’s pictures in a creative way. Laura helped me to put objects into perspective, and I was able to donate toys that I had perhaps intended to sell, but was unlikely to receive much money for and hadn’t got round to advertising.

The whole decluttering experience made it easier for me to deal with things, Laura brought a positive and calming vibe to the process. I found it hard to imagine how I would approach this task but Laura eased my sense of confusion, brought structure to the process and we have been very productive. Laura never judged and ensured that we stayed focused on the end goal. I was able to make quicker and better decisions and by helping me to take items to a charity shop, and put rubbish in the dustbin immediately, Laura ensured that I didn’t keep things that I’d decided we no longer needed. She took away the stress and anxiety I had about the space, giving me a sense of reassurance as I worked through everything.

With Laura’s help, I have transformed the useless, cluttered space! I’m so pleased, I feel like we’ve gained a new space. It adds to the productive running of our house, the children can now put their own things away and I have a cloakroom, space to store big household appliances and business filing. We can’t believe how much lighter and calmer we feel by just organising this small space. We’ve even left the cupboard door open so that we can all see my handy work!”

– Ms C, West Midlands