The Productivity Club

The Productivity Club

Join the Productivity Club!

The Productivity Club is for people who want to experience a sense of achievement from getting more done, being less stressed and have more time to do the things they enjoy.

Isi Dixon and Laura Williams will support you over the next month to develop the practices you need to boost your productivity.

What is it?

Each week for the next 4 weeks, you will:

  • Join a Productivity Booster group coaching session at 4 pm (UK time) every Friday, for even more practical productivity advice from our two experts
  • Connect with like-minded people, ask questions, get support and accountability during our weekly sessions
  • Access email support from our coaches
  • Receive workbooks to help you along the way

As a Founding Member you will also receive a bonus group coaching session in week 5.

Productivity Booster Group Coaching Sessions:

Productivity Booster Group Coaching Sessions:

  • Week 1 – Time Pockets and Speed Dating your To Do list
  • Week 2 - Organising hacks to make you more productive
  • Week 3 – Habit Stacking
  • Week 4 - Useful productivity apps and gamification
  • Week 5 - Bonus coaching

What are people saying?

I feel that being productive and more focussed is now more possible as Laura and Isi inspired us to make better use of our home working time.

All the best with the 'Productivity Club': I'm sure it will be a practical programme with fun people, sharing their knowledge and holding each other accountable in a supportive environment.  - Anna Stiscia

Thank you for sharing. The three biggest lightbulb moments, out of so many, are: a more detailed 'to do' list incorporating  aim ... and timings; ....the 'Pomodoro technique'; ...listening to 'rainy day at the cafe'  and re-imagining working in New York (irresistible reward) 🤓  - Ros Horsley

'Isi has great expertise, and communicates it with clarity and enthusiasm' - Debbie Read, Read Consultancy, Leicester

'Laura was the perfect host and provided lots of practical tips' – Marcus Nelson, Nottingham

Doors for the Productivity Club will open in Autumn 2020. Join the waiting list Here.