Virtual Organising Partner Bitesized

Virtual Organising Partner Bitesized sessions

Just for You

Join me for bite-sized virtual organising sessions tailored just for you to regularly review your decluttering progress, discuss ideas, update your plan.

These weekly reviews (or as frequent as you choose) by phone or video call are perfect to keep you progressing with your project.

You must have attended a Getting Started Virtual workshop or a full Virtual Organising Partner session before starting these bitesized sessions. Talk to me if you have any questions on +44 (0)7970 989955

You will get:
  • A regular personalised discussion focused on your task
    • A review of your progress
    • Support and encouragement
    • Problem solving support
    • Clarity on your goals
  • Tailored follow-up with resources or ideas
  • Support via my Facebook Group
Your investment:

At just £16 per session (£15 if you book by midnight on the Friday following my Get Started: Home Decluttering workshop), you will get the support and accountability you need to progress your decluttering project.

Call on +44 (0)7970 989955 or email me at now to book!

What others say

Laura is an excellent listener, and has a range of techniques that naturally create a calm, and organised approach to future activities... Working towards dates has also been a real motivator, and a big step in my progress...
- Client wished to remain anonymous